A Man and His Garden

I mean my pond has a long way to go, but the rest of my garden is in fine shape! There is a serious significance to your garden. It says a lot about a man. Now, if you're all grass no plants, you are lazy and do not even deserve to have a garden. But, on the other hand, if you have so many plants, trees, water features and more so that you can barely realise there is actually any grass there... You are compensating for something. Buy a sports car instead.

A New Idea

Current affairs is very despondent in this climate. As I have mentioned before, the news for the foreseeable future is going to be dominated by one story. And I am not interested in writing about what that story is and will be.

The Remnants of Communism in Georgia

The Communist Party of Georgia was officially dissolved in April 1991, after the nation declared independence from the Soviet Union. However, almost 30 years on, there are some leftover remnants of the bygone Communist era.

Silver Linings and Virtual Connections

We are all self-isolating and socially distancing. Banned from public meetings; the public places where we would traditionally congregate are closed. This would lend itself to one assuming that the amount of socialising is in decline. However, my experience has been the exact opposite.

Running During Difficult Times

I have always found running enjoyable and cathartic. Especially Trail Running. It is a great way to explore the countryside more quickly than by walking, but leaving you able to take more in than if you were on a Bike. It is a happy medium between the two.

A Change Of Direction

I find myself at a fork in the road. If I turn right, I continue with the well paid, reliable job. If I go left I follow a new path. The exciting route with boundless options.