A New Idea

I have been struggling to work out what to write about for a while now.

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Current affairs is very despondent in this climate. As I have mentioned before, the news for the foreseeable future is going to be dominated by one story. And I am not interested in writing about what that story is and will be.

So I have been thinking about what else to do. In the time since I last wrote a post on here I have completed a first draft of a screenplay. It still has a long way to go and I am a huge beginner when it comes to script writing.

What I therefore need is an opportunity to work on my writing. A place to explore ideas and get feedback…

… And what better a forum than this website!

Consequently, from now on I am going to start writing short stories, monologues or scenes and post them on here. It gives me the ability to run with ideas and see if they can be expanded into a more fleshed out one. It also enables me to improve my craft and learn along the way.

So please stick around if you are able to and keep an eye out for some stories and fiction writing to come your way. I do not yet know exactly what this will entail, but I am sure at least some of you will find some entertainment in what I write. Hopefully I will have a short story written today that can be posted on here, and can work from there onward.

Happy reading!

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  1. Short stories are definitely a fun genre, and I find myself fleshing out one-sentence into whole stories, which definitely help in keeping my writing fresh. Looking forward to reading your upcoming short stories!

    1. Exactly, Stuart. Hopefully some of the stories will be interesting… But I am doing this as much as a tool for myself than for others. Enjoyment from others reading the stories will hopefully be the happy byproduct of such work!

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