Running During Difficult Times

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It has been interesting to see how many people have started running since we have all been told to leave our home only for essential work, to purchase food or to exercise. It seems that once our freedom to exercise as and when we choose is taken away, that this spurs people on to actually get out and run.

I have always found running enjoyable and cathartic. Especially Trail Running. It is a great way to explore the countryside more quickly than by walking, but leaving you able to take more in than if you were on a Bike. It is a happy medium between the two. I can also make sure to steer clear of people, as most people don’t seem to be aware of all the fantastic footpaths, bridleways and byways that are right on their doorstep. Running in general is a great way to escape whatever stresses you have, breath fresh air, and enjoy the moment. No worrying about the future, just a chance to experience the moment as you put one foot in front of the other.

Now I do not know if all these people were running before, but, as a regular runner myself, I definitely haven’t seen this many people running on a regular basis. But, because people can only get out to exercise, it has almost forced them to put on their trainers (or get on their bike) in order to get out of the house. If we can look for silver linings in these difficult times; the amount of new people seemingly taking up regular exercise certainly is one of them.

Perhaps the Government’s future campaigns to get people exercising should use this sort of reverse psychology. It should say you shouldn’t exercise, and if you do you can only do it in a short burst of up to an hour… But nevertheless it is better to stay at home. This may make us stubborn Brits put up the middle finger to the Government and proclaim: ‘You can’t tell me what to do’.

So, this is my pitch to Boris. In future, don’t persuade us about the benefits of regular exercise, tell us not to do any exercise. Trick us into it. That’ll work I promise.

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