A Change Of Direction

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It has been a while since I have written anything for my Blog.

I believed strongly that writing wasn’t for me; I wanted to pursue a more traditional career along a more stable path.

However, I find myself at a fork in the road. If I turn right, I continue with the well paid, reliable job. If I go left I follow a new path. The exciting route with boundless options. A way which excites and engages me in a fashion that the other path simply cannot. Yet this path is not without fault. It is difficult to follow, and even more difficult to find success in.

I know which route is the right one for me. I can feel it. But taking the leap of faith to do this is not an easy feat. Yet, after long and arduous thought over what I should do, which route I should follow, I have reached a conclusion.

The fact that I am writing this post is your answer. I have decided to leave the job that failed to bring me happiness, instead pursuing the new and exciting path to the left. I am leaving the fork in the road and following my passion.

Dear reader, please stay here and follow my journey. I am going to continue to write five times a week, making sure to keep all updated with my personal journey, as well as writing interesting blogs for all Nothing Of Interest readers to enjoy.

And, to finish of this short post, I want to leave you with this. In life, only you and you alone can choose your path. Make sure to listen to those close to you for advice and guidance. But only you can make the final decision, only you can know what brings you happiness. So I urge you to listen to what you want, not what others want. Follow your own path, one that will bring you fulfilment, happiness, and purpose.

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