Afternoon Tea. Afternoon Delight.

There is a new and fresh afternoon treat at Missoula York. An afternoon experience nowhere else in York offers. One might call this new experience, quite simply, afternoon delight. This experience puts a twist on the traditional Afternoon Tea, offering all the traditional trimmings, but with the Great British addition of Gin and Tonic. But more of that later.

From the very moment you walk into Missoula you are taken aback by the North American Montana theme. A beautiful collection of earthy tones and wood, both complementing each other superbly. The timber blends in seamlessly with the antlers, and the antlers blend in seamlessly with the classic Native American fabrics. There is a consistency to theme here which other restaurants often forget in a hazy attempt to botch various themes and ideas futilely together. Even the menus continue this theme, designed with the same earthy tones. In fact, even the music keeps this consistency going, I arrived to the restaurant with the classic Mr Bojangles playing! All of this whilst remaining understated, no flamboyancy, just a great space, a large space, which is full of atmosphere.

The decor in Missoula. Understated yet brilliant. Photo by Robbie Johnson

Whilst in here you might expect you were actually in North-West America, yet take a look outside and you see the magnificent Ouse. Missoula overhangs the river, offering one of York’s restaurants best views.

The views from Missoula York. Photo by Robbie Johnson

I wasn’t visiting just to admire the decor, however. I was visiting to try out their new Afternoon Tea, complete with Gin and Tonic, served in the most amazing teapots made by Hendrick’s. Hendrick’s have designed these teapots to be filled with their classic gin, topped with some tonic water. It is indeed a weird and unusual experience pouring gin and tonic from a teapot, it almost makes you think that you aren’t drinking, so be careful, there’s a very generous supply of Gin in there!

The Hendrick’s Teapot and Teacups. Unfortunately, they don’t leave the bottle of Gin on the table.

After having a few sips of the sumptuous Gin and Tonic from my beautifully embellished teacup, the lovely waitress bought us the Afternoon Tea for two. You can have the tea for more but I was only with one other. It was presented in the traditional style, on a platter layered with sandwiches on the bottom, macaroons and sweet treats in the middle, and scones on the top. The amount of food was vast, they continued their generosity in the supply of food, too.

To begin with, of course, we ate the sandwiches. The smoked salmon sandwich was incredible. So tasty. Fortunately my girlfriend doesn’t eat salmon, so I got to have the four square salmon sandwiches all to myself! There were four sandwiches of each flavour, twelve overall. The cucumber sandwiches and mature cheddar sandwiches were also well made, with an acceptable amount of butter. I find sandwiches often seem to have next to no butter in them. But at Missoula, that was not the case. They got it just right.

Onto the the divine sweat treats. We had the luxury salted caramel bar and the macaroons. The salted caramel bar was as advertised, divine. A small bar, yet packed with flavour. The buttery biscuit base was crumbly, and added a great crunch to the chocolate and caramel topping. The macaroons, again, fulfilled their menu’s promise, and were divine, my favourite part of the culinary experience. The raspberry jam filled macaroon was mouth-watering, a nutty, crunchy exterior filled with a sharp but fresh jam, combined to make for a superb macaroon. The mint ones were also palatable, but in hindsight, I would save them until the end, they act as a sort of makeshift after eight.

Taking notes before the Gin kicks in. Photo by Robbie Johnson

If salted caramel bars or macaroons are not your thing, then you can also go for a creamy mini éclair or fruit tart. I didn’t try those whilst I was there, but, seeing as consistency seems to be a running theme at Missoula, I would not be surprised if these other sweat treats were also, divine.

Finally, there were the fresh fruit scones to complete the Afternoon Tea with Gin and Tonic experience. These were served with two pots of jam, and some appetizing clotted cream. The scones were delectable, absorbing the jam and cream to make for a succulent creamy fruit scone which complemented the slightly bitter gin and tonic, the combination of sweet and sour a combination rarely experienced at Afternoon Tea. You can experience this at Missoula, however, and I would highly recommend this. All of this for £12.50 per person.

The unique pouring of Gin and Tonic from a teapot. An experience you simply cannot miss! Photo by Robbie Johnson
Overall, this experience was special, one totally unique to York. I attach below a link to a video Missoula have just released advertising this experience. Check it out, and make sure to give them a visit! I have been working in partnership with Missoula and have agreed to join them in a competition. I’ll be offering a bottle of Hendrick’s Gin, and Missoula will be offering their Afternoon Experience for two! Find them here at Missoula York

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