Corbyn’s True Colours

Today, a sea of red flooded York. Red banners, red badges, red rosettes. Corbyn was in town, alongside York Central Labour candidate Rachael Maskell. They were both here to speak in the infamous St. Helen’s Square, in front of a packed crowd. I turned up fifteen minutes early expecting to get near to the front, but already found myself behinds hundreds of eager spectators. The atmosphere was electric, everyone excited to see what these two brilliant MPs had to say. Theresa May was in York yesterday, but it was a private affair. At least she keeps in check with her mantra of privatisation. These speeches were in the open air, for all to experience. Whilst Corbyn speaks to the People, May talks to the Party. As Labour say: ‘For the many, not the few.’

For the many not the few
A Labour supporter holding Labour’s motto for this election.

Rachael began first, offering us a crucial insight into her plans for York Central over the next five years. She will aim to address the key issues in York, especially that of flooding and flood prevention. Rachael is an expert in this field, often giving Jeremy Corbyn intelligent and intuitive solutions to not just York’s, but all of Britain’s flooding problems. There was a clear focus on better social integration and social mobility; with more housing, better education, and an increase in the number of jobs, areas in which Rachael will invest her valuable time and expertise. Rachael Maskell will be standing for York Central MP on the 8th June, a candidate I would highly recommend you to vote for.

Rachel Maskell
Rachael Maskell, Labour MP candidate for York Central.

As soon as Maskell’s oration came to a close, there was a huge applause for her adept speech. However, one must assume the cheering was also in excitement for Jeremy Corbyn’s speech. Below is a video offering an idea of what it was like to be there watching these speeches.

Rachael Maskell and Jeremy Corbyn speaking in St Helens Square… :
Today I had the pleasure of speaking to a packed crowd in St Helens Square, here is the moment I introduced the leader of the Labour party Jeremy Corbyn to the crowd. Thanks to everyone who attended and vote Labour on June 8th, Video of the speeches to follow.

Posted by Rachael Maskell on Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Then came Corbyn. ‘Our next Prime Minister’, or at least that was the way in which Rachael Maskell described him. Whether or not this will be the case will become apparent in the early hours of the 9th June. Corbyn spoke passionately, advocating his colleague for the role of MP in York Central. Both major parties have identified York Central as an important seat, both in with a shot of winning, so Mr Corbyn urged everyone to be registered to vote. Every vote will count, in York Central at least. Whilst the media seem to present Jeremy as an incompetent buffoon, his superb speech made it apparent that this was not the case. Mr Corbyn was calm, persuasive and proficient. I could see this man lead the country. I know there is a lot of scepticism in his ability to lead. The Labour Party has had some internal squabbling as of recent. But if they were to win on the 8th June, Jeremy Corbyn would have a massive mandate to initiate his Party’s policies, unchallenged and successfully.

Jeremy Corbyn directed much of the focus of this speech to the young, York is a university city, after all. From top to bottom Mr Corbyn aims to add investment, bettering our futures, as a better educated population makes for a more successful economy. Tuition fees will be scrapped, as students should not be persecuted for increasing the skills they have, which in turn benefits the entire economy. In addition to this, there will be a National Investment Bank created if there was a Labour Party victory, to enable investment in infrastructure which is currently far too low. As Mr Corbyn said, ‘We are the world’s sixth richest economy’ therefore why don’t we invest as much? ‘Germany do, France do, why not us?’ Corbyn retorted. The overarching focus of his speech, in the same way as Rachael Maskell’s speech, was to focus on creating a fairer, more integrated society, by investing in the future, through education and beyond.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Snapchat Story today in York. Add him on Snapchat @jeremycorbynmp
The Party Manifestos have not been released yet. This will all be at some point in the next week. Thus there wasn’t full disclosure of the Labour plan in these two speeches. Yet, the ideas expressed in these speeches are ones which are important for the UK. The issues addressed by Corbyn and Maskell were ones that need to be. And, despite the current lack of detail, there is still a swathe more than the Tories’ ‘Strong and Stable Government’ spiel.

Labour have the leader and the ideas that can truly make a difference at this snap General Election on the 8th June, in my opinion. I am not asking you to make a decision at this very moment and vote Labour, but I am asking you not to buy into the media’s portrayal of Corbyn. Corbyn is not an idiot. Corbyn is a visionary. Look at the Party manifestos and make your own decisions. Don’t let the media make them for you. Elect your local MPs based on policies, not character. A lot of people support Labour’s policies, but seem to think that this is bad! Check out this outrageous video below:

Don’t be swayed by populist character politics. Vote for a Party which represents your interests best. For me, I feel this will be Labour. For you, it may be Labour, it may be another Party. But whatever you do, make that decision for yourself, don’t let the media and false portrayals of Corbyn do that. Make sure you are registered. Make sure you vote on the 8th June.

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