Cosy Club – A Blast From The Past?

Cosy Club York is situated in an old cinema, a superb venue. Each of Cosy Club’s 18 venues are situated in interesting buildings.
Whilst a friend and I were walking down our favourite street in York, Fossgate, we stumbled upon a new bar and restaurant. We began talking to the swankily-dressed waiter – complete with bow tie, brogues and a moustache – and he told us that we would have to wait until the next day to visit, today was reserved for VIPs only. How we weren’t considered VIPs I will never know, but irrespective of my disagreement over my not being on the VIP list, I was eager to visit for its official opening the next day.

The next day I arrived, this time with my girlfriend (my other friend was not able to attend, having the wonder of a two hour seminar instead). The decor inside was encapsulating: old 1920s style lamps hanging from the ceiling, numerous sofas of plush leather, and a fantastic wallpaper, red at the front of the restaurant, blue at the back, with a velvet patterning which makes for a vibrant atmosphere. And, to top it all off, a massive gold-coloured chandelier, filling up the room but not cluttering it. The old paintings, all Imperial British and Victoriana in style, give the true Britishness that the restaurant is aspiring to. Overall, the interior design of this old cinema turned bar and restaurant is possibly the best and most creatively designed interior space in York.

On my first visit I had a vanilla milkshake, served complete in a milk bottle.  I decided to go for the buttermilk pancakes, an option not quite befitting of the British-themed menu, but nevertheless one of my favourite meals. They were quite possibly the best pancakes I have ever had this side of the pond; fluffy, not too heavy, served with crispy bacon and maple syrup. The only thing I would have asked for was a slightly more generous serving of maple syrup, the lack of made for a dry last few bites.

My second visit was a larger affair, four of us visited this time, a double date you might call it. Although, I think that only one of the four attending genuinely thought that this was the case. One day, Greg, one day. This time we all went for cocktails, I for the English Rose Garden. The burger I had, ‘The Brigadier’, was brilliant, although a few more chips would not have been turned down. The curry that my girlfriend had was presented so well, there is an attention to detail at Cosy Club which I feel explains its recent and rapid success. The only qualm I had, of all things, was the ‘Lavchecker’ list they had in the toilets. Wetherspoons have the same ones. Not that I am not a fan of Wetherspoons, I love Wetherspoons. Just, for a restaurant that pays so much attention to detail, I thought they could have something different to the good old ‘Spoons’.

Overall, I love Cosy Club! Would highly recommend. I went two times in as many days, and will definitely be visiting again in the near future, if my bank account allows me to! Although they are very reasonably priced, a student struggles to afford even a McDonalds sometimes. Find them at, they have 18 venues across the UK, go give them a visit, you won’t be disappointed.

English Rose Garden, the cocktail I thoroughly enjoyed!

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