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‘Spandau: The Secret Diaries’ by Albert Speer – Review

Albert Speer was the architect of the Third Reich, designing – amongst other projects – the infamous Reich Chancellery and the Nuremberg Rally Site. Part of that Rally Site was the ‘Cathedral of Light’ in the photo above. This employed a groundbreaking use of light and shade, creating an awe-inspiring effect on anyone watching the …

Corbyn vs May – Who Will Make Britain Safer?

In the last three months Britain has seen three horrific terrorist atrocities. These acts of barbarism are unfortunately becoming something of a regular occurrence in 2017, with another suspect attack in Paris today. The nation’s and many politician’s knee-jerk reaction – understandably – has been to call for security to be dramatically increased and civil …

The British Arms Trade Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb

After the devastating and heart-wrenching events that occurred in Manchester a week ago, it was clear to me what was needed. AΒ sombre period of grieving for a community rocked to its core by perhaps the most odious event this country has seen in a decade. Manchester rose to this and rather than finding catharsis through …


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